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Should I Buy An Album From My Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is usually over in the blink of an eye and without your professional wedding photos you might find yourself wondering if it actually even happened. With digital photography being so very prevalent and the trend of just storing our photos in the cloud and never doing anything with them, of course I am going to recommend you get an album!

So why spend the money on a professional album when you can order a cheap one from photobox. If you want an album that will last for generations, then a high-quality album from a professional photographer is the only way to go. Yet one should never assume that ALL photographers use an excellent company, I can only speak for myself here.

All of my albums are hand created on site, at my printers in Poland by experienced craftsmen & women and printed using the latest, most sophisticated printing technology.

Luxury, lay flat, flush-mounted Photo Albums with seamless, panoramic, 800 gsm spreads

Striking edge-to-edge acrylic cover.

All of the images in the albums are chosen by you, Francis & Dan's album has 10 spreads (which is 20 pages). I always tell my wedding couples to chose between 50-80 images from their entire wedding gallery and then I will get busy designing the album.

Once I have designed it, I send you over a digital proof - like the ones shown in the images here for you to give me your opinion, you might want to change a couple of images out or add one or two and that is fine, I am happy to make up to 3 amendments to get this heirloom perfect!

Once we are happy, I will give my printers the ok and they will start the printing process which usually takes a couple of weeks and then another week to get the album sent out.

If we are local to each other, I will usually get the album delivered directly to me so that I can check everything is ok and then arrange delivery/collection to you!

If you are not so local, then I will get the album sent directly to you.


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