Lei & Chris - The Barn at Woodlands, Norfolk

Lei & Chris live in Australia and planning there destination wedding to the UK could not have been an easy task, but with the help of there amazing family & friends they pulled off THE MOST AMAZING wedding day which was truly an honour to be a part of.

The day was full of fun from Gordon’s Gin & Double Decker Buses to Wheat Fields, crazy hair and huge spiders. I loved every second of there day and I am truly blessed to share these moments with you all.
Big thanks as always to all the suppliers involved in creating such an incredible day:

Anesta Broad Photography, Hair by Cara Hubbard and Makeup by Eleanor Harnden
Florist: Crown House Flowers, Dress from Love Always Bridal, Brisbane and Cake from Figbar, Norwich

Cass & Jay Wedding at Isaacs on the Quay, Suffolk


There is something nice about photographing a wedding so close to home, not only does it only take a few minutes to get home 🤣, but everything feels familiar and warm.

Cass & Jay chose Isaacs Wedding Venue in Ipswich, Suffolk to hold their wedding day. Isaacs is a quirky, wonky rustic wedding venue with great views and a lot of history. It is always a pleasure to photograph weddings there and for a winter wedding (February) we actually had surprisingly nice weather, including a gorgeous sunset over the marina 🌅.


So many people go behind the making of a wedding day, so below is Cass & Jay’s choice of suppliers for there wedding day.

Dress : Just A Day Bridal

Florist : Edelweiss

Venue Decor : Allso

Cake Designer : The Little Cake Place

Hair : Rachael from Judiths Hair Salon

And Makeup by Cass’s gorgeous sister!

Rachel & Michael - Woolverstone Hall, Suffolk

Rachel & Michael got married at the magnificent Grade ! listed mansion that is Woolverstone Hall. Situated among 80 acres of stunning parkland with views over the River Orwell this place makes for an amazing wedding venue and during the week it also doubles up as an exclusive all girls high school.

Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (47).jpg

Now I can not tell a lie, I am not the biggest fan of winter weddings. I never know what to wear as my body temperature seems to be all over the place. Its cold, its grey and its dark at 4 pm! Got to love the UK’s daylight saving, but as much as I moan its not actually a problem as the team know to wear layers and we are all super confident with flash.

Rachel & Michael started their preparations at Woolverstone Hall, the place is huge so there is more than enough room for everyone to get ready. They opted to have the ceremony at St Michael’s Church located within the Woolverstone grounds and both are equally as nice.

Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (35).jpg
Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (37).jpg
Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (38).jpg

With hair by Saxbys and makeup by Image Salon, Rachel looked absolutely amazing and quite sensibly wore a shawl to keep her warm during the day and evening.

Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (7).jpg
This stunning cake was made by  Mrs Millies

This stunning cake was made by Mrs Millies

Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (53).jpg
Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (54).jpg
Woolverstone_Hall_Suffolk_Wedding_photography (40).jpg

Alice & Ollie Wedding


I have known Alice and Oliver for quite some time❤ .


When I first started along my photography journey📷, Alice and her family were one of my first ever clients! Since then, Alice has followed my progress all over social media, LITERALLY liking every single post I think I ever made! She is by far my most loyal fan! 😍


When she got in touch with me to find out about me photographing their wedding I was of course over the moon and snapped up their booking. 😍

There whole wedding day was packed with laughter and giggles. With happy tears in the morning to hysterical tears during the speeches. I honestly don’t think I have ever laughed so much in one wedding day, normally my feet ache when I get home from photographing a wedding but yesterday my cheeks hurt way more than my feet! 😋


The Orwell Hotel, as usual was amazing, thank you for putting up with me and my team! I am such a pain, I move all their furniture and hang stuff in the most random places and they accommodate all of that. So a very big thank you to you all. 🤦‍♀️


Wedding photography was very important to Alice and Ollie, they knew how important it is to capture all those special moments from there wedding day and I hope, so much that I have done it all justice.
Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tyrrell 💖📷💖


Special thank you to my amazing team, who without none of this would be possible 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


A Fennes Wedding day with Laura and Stuart

I met Laura and Stu almost a year ago when they got in touch and booked me as their wedding photographer.

Over the last year we have built a good relationship, with our freezing cold winter pre shoot and me whooping Laura’s butt on multiple occasions at Words With Friends. I have even helped Stuart put together a little mini video for his wife to be! So I was excited to shoot these guys weddings as we had become quite close!

Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk -35.JPG

Laura and Stuart chose the stunning Fennes as there wedding venue - with over 400 years of history and surrounded by 100 acres of countryside Fennes is the perfect setting for a traditional wedding it also has some great spots for the most ideallic wedding photo’s.

Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk - 29.JPG
Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk - 31.JPG
Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk - 34.JPG

Laura and Stu’s wedding day was awesome from start to finish. Stu’s little video had Laura and her whole bridal party in tears, which in hindsight i perhaps should of not waited till she was completely ready to show her but hey i did get some lovely photo’s….
Thanks to Reign Makeup Artistry for the stunning makeup even after a lot of tears it still looked amazing and hair by Katie Willis. Stunning flowers by Alison White & amazing food supplied by Fennes themselves!

Ally & Neil's Wedding

Converses for wedding shoes, A 2 Dad reveal 🧔👨, Picnic on the beach ⛱️, Gatecrashing Dogs 🐩, Surprise Gender Reveal 🤰 and a vintage Rolls Royce 🚗

Ally and Neil's wedding was another dream wedding day and it was an honour for them to chose little old me as their wedding photographer. 

Ally and Neil had the perfect weather, gorgeous sunshine all day which made our wedding picnic on the beach all that more pleasurable. With Ally full on cheese and crackers and Neil full up with Prosecco we headed back to the Rolls Royce, which whisked our happy couple off to Greshams where there friends and family were waiting. 

After a very short speech 🙄 and surprise gender reveal the cake was cut and the first dance was danced it was time for me to say goodbye 👋 

Make up - Pretty Faces Make-up

Hair - KC Plaits and Beautyl

Rolls Royce - BCD Wedding Cars

The wedding of Lauren & Joe

Joe and Lauren's wedding was perfect from start to finish and I feel honoured that they chose me to capture it all! 
Lauren and her bridal party started their day at the breathtaking Lanwades Hall 🏰
Lauren wanted a simple, natural look to her wedding day makeup and with Ali on hand from Nails and Beauty by Ali this, as you can see was easily achieved. Laurens updo looked stunning and this was all thanks to Mandy from Loxx Hair. 
An extra hole put into Laurens shoes and her Nans wedding ring pinned into her dress and we were finally ready to make our way to the ceremony.
Joe and Lauren chose to say their vows at St John's College Chapel ⛪, a place close to Joe's heart as this was where he studied. The Chapel is BREATHTAKINGLY beautiful with high ceilings and stunning stain glass windows, a wedding photographer's dream!!! 
After the wedding ceremony, we followed Joe and Lauren to a rendezvous point where there was a surprise waiting for them! Laurens parents had arranged a horse and carriage to take them the rest of the way back to Lanwades Hall 🐴

The rest of the day was equally amazing, tons of confetti, a beautiful cake made by Joe's sister, champagne reception, garden games and a harpist.

As the day started to cool off we had some hilarious speeches, some yummy food supplied by Portfolio Events Catering and swing music from the very talented Dave Dave Sings Swing.

Ahh what a perfect day, congratulations Mr & Mrs Minchin and enjoy your honeymoon 👰🤵🌍


Questions you should ask your cake maker

Choosing a cake maker should be a relatively pain-free experience but as with any profession, there are definitely certain things you should be asking before you commit to buy.  

Making cakes takes a lot of skill and experience, not only do you need someone who makes delicious cakes but they need to be amazingly talented and creative to be able to decorate them to a high standard. There will of course  (like in every profession) be someone who can make it cheaper and faster, but be prepared for cakes to topple and to taste like cardboard when using inexperienced hands.

A couple of weeks ago I spent a day with Jess from Pickacake and whilst she baked an amazing train cake for her father in laws birthday. I ate leftovers, took some pictures and we chatted in depth about what questions you should be asking your cake maker.

1.  How long have you been in business and do you hold all the relevant food hygiene certificates?

Jess has been in business almost 2 years, has insurance and her food hygiene certificates.  

2. Can I see your portfolio and did you make all of the cakes in it?

Jess has an extensive portfolio of her own cakes on her Facebook page and website, you are very welcome to take a look and ask any questions you may have. 

3. How far in advance is my cake going to be made?

Whilst some cake makers pre-make their sponge bases and freeze them, Jess prefers to give her clients fresh cakes and generally bakes them the day before.

4. What are my filling choices?    

Jess tells me that the choices are endless, of course, buttercream is the regular stuff your nan put in her cakes but that's traditional and some may say boring. So why have boring when you can have Chocolate Fudge, Mousse, Custard Cream, Cream Cheese, Bubblegum, and Banoffee. If you can think of it Jess can make it.  

5. Do you work with fondant or buttercream?

Jess works with both as she uses the buttercream as a base underneath the fondant. 



6. Can you make sugar flowers? 

Jess makes the most amazing little sugar flowers from scratch using special tools to make the petals

7. Do you customise cakes or do I select from set designs and will you work within my budget?

Jess will make you anything you want and will offer you options to suit your budget. There are different ways to save on costs and Jess will work with you to achieve your dream cake.

8. I am not sure what I really want, can you design me something based on a few random ideas?

Jess is super creative and will work with you to design the cake you never knew you wanted.


9. Do you offer different dietary options?


10. Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?

Yes, the design of the cake is ultimately down to you, Jess will always advise you on the best options and explain the reasons why.

So now you have it there in black and white, a solid list of questions that you should really ask! 




The grandparents are in town

With my immediate family living in Surrey and me not driving it is not often I get to see my mum and dad.  


Taking time to appreciate their visits is something some families take for granted. Don't get me wrong I would love to see my parents more often but the little I do see them makes me value those couple of days ever so much more. I think seeing them every week would make me lose sight of who they really are.  

They say you can't choose your family, well I guess that is right but your family can choose you and that is exactly what my mum and dad did when they chose to adopt me.   

I was a one-year-old red headed freckly kid when my mum and dad said: "we want this one". 

It was thanks to these 2 people that my childhood was filled with fun, laughter and great memories. 

My favourite being our holidays, the caravan ones in particular were always the best. 

The morning of our holidays we would drive off early to meet our parent's friends and off we would set with our caravans in tow and depending on our location, sometimes the communal boat 'Plank' would come along too.

The long drive to our designated site was filled with questions from my sister and me to our parents asking if we were there yet. This question always came about 20 minutes into the 4-hour journey and needless to say it is a question my parents and every other parent in the whole world is sick of hearing. Along with the incessant bugging of parents, we would, of course, demand our dad drove around the roundabout multiple times for our amusement.

Once we arrived at our campsite we would help get everything set up and then we would be off to befriend the whole campsite and it was then of course that the real fun began.

The love you have for your parents is there, unconditional and forever. But you will never realise what a parent goes through until you become one yourself.  

The love you have for your parents is there, unconditional and forever. But you will never realise what a parent goes through until you become one yourself.  


Holi - The celebration of love and the arrival of spring.

Before children and responsibilities I had a carefree life, I saw many different countries and cultures but my favourite without a doubt was India. I loved it there so much I stayed there for 3 years enjoying the way of life, the culture and of course the festivals.


India has so many festivals and celebrations but my all time favourite is Holi. 

In India, Holi marks the arrival of Spring and the passing of Winter and is celebrated with people from all ages covering the streets in colour, dancing and singing. The colour, noise and entertainment that accompanies Holi is an overwhelming feeling of unity and brotherhood. 

Here in Ipswich we celebrate Holi  in one of the local parks and whilst it is not as good as the real thing it's still really good fun. This year a couple of friends and I decided to head along with the kids. 

We all met up in the park and the music and smells of the bonfire and food were amazing, for a moment it took me back to the days of living in India and reminded me of all the things I loved. 

We sat around for a bit and enjoyed our surroundings until everyone was ready to receive the powdered paint. We all waited until everyone got their hands full of it and then went crazy, we covered the kids and they covered us we even threw paint at people we didn't know. The paint, the craziness, the feeling of everyone being together  for one reason was amazing and I thoroughly recommend this festival to everyone. 

Hopefully see you all next year  😀 


Single Mums on Mothers Day

Mother's day as a single parent can be pretty tough, whilst you're reading everyone posts on Facebook about how their partners/kids have spoilt them. You're off to the shop to help your kids buy your own card and getting out the paints to help them make a creative gift, you know the kind us mums always love. 

This mother's day was of course never going to be any different and on Friday my littlest one, Jake came home from school in a right state, reason being... The gift he had made me for mothers day was not in his bag. Panic set in and the tears started to roll so I of course jumped into protective mummy mode and reassured him that we would make something together after dinner.

Dinner over and whilst they had been eating I had been on Google researching what on earth we could make.

Salt dough seemed to be a good idea so I went rummaging through the cupboards for salt and flour.

Now most people think that they don't suffer with OCD until that is, you have to let a child make something that involves flour or any other messy stuff. Giving your child control when there is mess involved is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do but give control is exactly what I did. After all it was meant to be a gift for me and Jake wanted some element of surprise. 


After measuring out the ingredients Jake mixed it all  together. For those that want to try making it we used 1 cup of plain flour and 1 cup of salt. We had 2 cups of water but added as much as we needed to make a dough.

It took a lot of mixing (by hand) and like most kids Jake had great fun making a complete mess.

Once it was ready Jake prepared the table and proceeded to roll his dough out.

It took multiple attempts at rolling and cutting to create his masterpiece but as you can see from his efforts it was well worth all the hard work.

Once the finishing touches had been put on the creation, it was straight into a hot oven (180' 10-45 mins depending on thickness) and Voila..... A hard piece of salty dough has been formed.

This salty formation once cooled can be painted, the best type of paint if you want to do this properly is acrylic but all we had to hand was regular kids poster paint which did the job. 

Watching a five year old create something is really special and the concentration and effort that went into making this 'thing' (and no, I do not know what it is) was amazing.

Taking photographs of him doing it just makes the memory even more special as now i have not only my 'thing' to remember our day but I have the pictures as well.  

My 'Thing' lovingly crafted by Jake, aged 5

How can you celebrate your child's first birthday?

You spent months trying and mainly failing to teach them how to eat with a spoon, constantly going through packs of wet wipes wondering how they can possibly get so messy. So for their first birthday why not them go crazy with a whole cake to eat to themselves. They can use a spoon, a finger, a whole hand or even a foot to eat and destroy that cake. The more mess the better and really, anything goes. The best part of the session is you don't have to do any of the clearing up ;)

A cake smash and splash session always starts with a few portrait photos, it's a great way to get your little one to relax in front of the camera and nice for you to have some beautiful images of them before they get messy! 

The next part of the session is my favourite bit... the cake. Now I know there are some of you out there that for one reason or another can't let your little ones have cake, well do not worry as we offer fruit alternatives too! This part of the session is really a chance to let your model shine, they are free to explore the taste, smell and textures of the cake or fruit. We dont mind how much mess they make... REALLY!

As parents will all know, their little people love bath time so what better way to clean off all that mess by letting them have a splash about in the final part of our cake smash and splash session. 

Ipswich, Suffolk Cake Smash and Splash Photography Sessions

To book your very own cake smash and splash follow the link...