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Konjo Photo & Film
Privacy Policy



I’m committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. I’ll ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when you complete my contact form

This is only really so I know your name and can email you back.


I ask for your phone number too, and the reason for this is so that I can text you to let you know the email from me is likely hiding in the junk or spam mail folder.


I pinky promise not to sell it for cold hard cash if you eventually decide not to book me.


I may collect the following information:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Mobile number

  • Your home address (This is where your USB will be sent)

  • The address where you’re getting ready on the morning of the wedding.

  • Whether you’re having flying saucers on your sweet cart or not.

  • Names of key family members (I use this for group photos)

  • Whether your dog will be attending and details of his / her outfit


Assuming I’m having a good year and don’t have to resort to selling it on the dark web (JOKING!) then it sits quietly in my email inbox. If you go ahead and book me to photograph your awesome wedding or elopement, this data is also added to some slick studio management software called 17 Hats. An American dude called Donovan runs 17hats, and he has personally assured me that it will be GDPR compliant by May 25th 2018 (The date when GDPR comes in to force).

I also print out this data and pop it in an A4 ring binder which lives on a shelf in my office, just so that in the unlikely event that 17Hats breaks, I still know who you are and how much money you owe me when your wedding is and the venue etc.

17hats also has an app, so your information is accessible from my Phone. I do have touch ID enabled, and have increased this level of security further by linking it up with one of my toes instead of a finger. This way, if I am mugged and beaten unconscious, your data should still be safe. The app also requires a password.

If you wish to see any data I hold on you OR you would like me to remove you from my database then please email me at

Please Note: If you complete my contact form in a bid to try and sell me something, rest assured it goes straight in the bin.

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