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Woodhall Manor, Suffolk - A Fusion Wedding

Well, what can I say, what a day!!!!

From the bridal preparations in the morning to the dancing in Woodhall Manor’s newly decorated club, it was fun-packed, full of laughs and awesome moments.

Nikita & James started off their day at Woodhall Manor Wedding Venue with a

Pokwanu - The Welcoming Of The Groom! Indian Drummers lead the groom, his family & friends through the gates of the stunning wedding venue making as much noise as possible to let the bride’s family know they are on their way. 🎉

We had bells, whistles, and confetti canons. 🔔

They make their way to the Brides mum and family where they are welcomed and then led into where the ceremony is taking place. In this case, we were so blessed with the weather, albeit a little sticky 😂, so Nikita & James were lucky to be able to have the garden wedding ceremony they had so badly wanted.

After Everyone Is Seated, the groom is asked to break a clay pot which demonstrates his ability to overcome all obstacles the couple may face in married life 🥰

Next Step Is The Mandap…

The Mandap is considered the most important part of a traditional Indian wedding ceremony and this is why Nikita and James chose to have it. They didn’t have a full-on wedding like they were going to because Covid got in their way and ruined the wedding that should have happened in France. 😦

So a unique fusion wedding in Suffolk it was!

After The Mandap We Were Whisked Away By A Vintage Bus To A Tiny Village Church For A Traditionally British Wedding 😍


We were whisked back to Woodhall Manor Wedding Venue where we were welcomed with drinks and fun and laughter! We had some amazing speeches, which were quite emotional 🤗. The cutting of a wonky cake made of cheese and an awesome first dance!


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