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Total Package Fee £0

A non refundable booking fee of £0 is required upon signing of this contract to secure your date. The balance of your package £0 is due one month before your wedding day.





The Client must give the Photographer a minimum of 48 hour notice and ensure a reply is received by the Photographer acknowledging the cancellation. Booking fees are not refundable on ANY cancellation made by the Client. If the client cancels before the final balance is due then no further payments will be required.

However if the client cancels after the final balance has been paid, no refund will be made available. If the Client fails to pay any outstanding balances before the wedding day then the Photographer reserves the right to cancel with no refunds available.

Date Changes

If the Client wishes to change the date, this must be done at least one month prior to the wedding day and may only be accepted if the newly requested date is available to the Photographer. If the requested date is unavailable, the change cannot be made. The booking fee is non refundable.

Photographic Restrictions/Limitations

Some wedding officials and venue owners may impose restrictions to the Photographer. The Photographer must accept these limitations and work within them or, if possible, find the best alternatives. These restrictions are including, but not limited to, use of lighting, allowance to photograph the ceremony or pick the best positions in order to get the best angles.

In the event of bad weather, the Photographer will work with the Client to find alternatives such as, photographing indoors or rearranging the days’ time schedule. The Photographer will attempt to deliver all requested footage by the Client, but ultimately cannot be held responsible if a footage is not captured due to circumstances beyond his control, such as but not limited to, unexpected delays, lack of cooperation, bad weather, etc.

 Cooperation & Wedding Guests

The Clients and the Photographer consent to cooperate and communicate with each other to achieve the best possible result within the understanding of this contract. The Clients also agree to give the Photographer sufficient warning of key events, such as, but not limited to bouquet throwing, cutting of the cake, speeches, first dance, etc. to give the Photographer time to prepare.

Most of your guests will have digital cameras and most will want to photograph/film the Clients. In the spirit of cheerful cooperation, the Clients agree to give the Photographer precedence over the guests.

Cancellation by Konjo Photography / Force Majeure or “Acts of God”

In the very unlikely case of the Photographer's inability to attend the wedding due to any cause beyond the Photographer's control such as, but not limited to, illness, injury, victim of crime, war, accident, storm, flooding, etc. the Photographer will attempt to arrange an alternative Photographer. In the event of total cancellation by the Photographer or in the very unlikely event of total  failure due to, but not limited to theft of equipment and/or memory cards, data corruption, fire,  occurred during or after the wedding day, the Photographer's liability shall be limited to a full refund of any fees paid.

 Artistic Licence & Copyright

The Photographer shall be granted artistic Licence regarding the locations, poses, and all post processing. 

No raw or unedited photos will be available to view or purchase by the Client under any circumstances.

The Client is granted a PERSONAL USE licence to copy, print or share the Photographer supplied in any non-commercial manner.

The photographs supplied cannot be shared, copied or used for any promotional or commercial purposes such as, but not limited to, wedding venues and wedding suppliers’ brochures, websites, social media, portfolio, advertisement, etc.. without the Photographers'  written consent.

The copyright of all footage filmed by the Photographer will remain property of Konjo Photography & Videography and photos may be used for promotional purposes such as, but not limited to, social media, portfolio, sample albums and advertisement.

USB Delivery

Photo's will be edited and delivered within 3 months of the wedding date. USB are sent signed for, to the address above.