How can you celebrate your child's first birthday?

You spent months trying and mainly failing to teach them how to eat with a spoon, constantly going through packs of wet wipes wondering how they can possibly get so messy. So for their first birthday why not them go crazy with a whole cake to eat to themselves. They can use a spoon, a finger, a whole hand or even a foot to eat and destroy that cake. The more mess the better and really, anything goes. The best part of the session is you don't have to do any of the clearing up ;)

A cake smash and splash session always starts with a few portrait photos, it's a great way to get your little one to relax in front of the camera and nice for you to have some beautiful images of them before they get messy! 

The next part of the session is my favourite bit... the cake. Now I know there are some of you out there that for one reason or another can't let your little ones have cake, well do not worry as we offer fruit alternatives too! This part of the session is really a chance to let your model shine, they are free to explore the taste, smell and textures of the cake or fruit. We dont mind how much mess they make... REALLY!

As parents will all know, their little people love bath time so what better way to clean off all that mess by letting them have a splash about in the final part of our cake smash and splash session. 

Ipswich, Suffolk Cake Smash and Splash Photography Sessions

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