To print or not to print?


Since the invention of digital photography the world has gone snap happy crazy, with technology making it so easy for us to take a photo these days we are rarely forced to stop and look at the disadvantages of the digital world.

Me? The photographer, that prints other families photograph's regularly... yeah, i am going to have to shamefully admit that printing images of my own family only happens on a rare occasion and I have so many amazing ones that deserve to be put upon my walls, until today...

With a large percentage of phones having cameras built into them most people always have the opportunity to grab a photo of their kids at any time but how many of you print them?

Today, I went hunting for a particular photograph of my children. I knew I had this photo it was just a case of finding it stashed away with all my other stuff that I had copied over to my hard drives when switching to a new laptop. I looked where I thought it should be and couldn't find it, so thinking I had probably just had a moment of madness and copied it over to the wrong drive, I quickly changed hard drives to check. It wasn't there, on either of the hard drives it should or could have been. Nor was any other photo I had taken prior to 2015. Nothing, nada... zilch! 

Now a quick message to my dear clients, the past, present and future please do not worry your images are saved and I have back up copies but for some crazy reason I did not feel the need to do this with my own personal photographs and have subsequently lost way too many of my children growing up.

My blog post today comes as a lesson and a reason as to why you should print as many photographs as you can and as to why you should always back up anything so very precious to you.