Single Mums on Mothers Day

Mother's day as a single parent can be pretty tough, whilst you're reading everyone posts on Facebook about how their partners/kids have spoilt them. You're off to the shop to help your kids buy your own card and getting out the paints to help them make a creative gift, you know the kind us mums always love. 

This mother's day was of course never going to be any different and on Friday my littlest one, Jake came home from school in a right state, reason being... The gift he had made me for mothers day was not in his bag. Panic set in and the tears started to roll so I of course jumped into protective mummy mode and reassured him that we would make something together after dinner.

Dinner over and whilst they had been eating I had been on Google researching what on earth we could make.

Salt dough seemed to be a good idea so I went rummaging through the cupboards for salt and flour.

Now most people think that they don't suffer with OCD until that is, you have to let a child make something that involves flour or any other messy stuff. Giving your child control when there is mess involved is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do but give control is exactly what I did. After all it was meant to be a gift for me and Jake wanted some element of surprise. 


After measuring out the ingredients Jake mixed it all  together. For those that want to try making it we used 1 cup of plain flour and 1 cup of salt. We had 2 cups of water but added as much as we needed to make a dough.

It took a lot of mixing (by hand) and like most kids Jake had great fun making a complete mess.

Once it was ready Jake prepared the table and proceeded to roll his dough out.

It took multiple attempts at rolling and cutting to create his masterpiece but as you can see from his efforts it was well worth all the hard work.

Once the finishing touches had been put on the creation, it was straight into a hot oven (180' 10-45 mins depending on thickness) and Voila..... A hard piece of salty dough has been formed.

This salty formation once cooled can be painted, the best type of paint if you want to do this properly is acrylic but all we had to hand was regular kids poster paint which did the job. 

Watching a five year old create something is really special and the concentration and effort that went into making this 'thing' (and no, I do not know what it is) was amazing.

Taking photographs of him doing it just makes the memory even more special as now i have not only my 'thing' to remember our day but I have the pictures as well.  

My 'Thing' lovingly crafted by Jake, aged 5