Ally & Neil's Wedding

Converses for wedding shoes, A 2 Dad reveal πŸ§”πŸ‘¨, Picnic on the beach ⛱️, Gatecrashing Dogs 🐩, Surprise Gender Reveal 🀰 and a vintage Rolls Royce πŸš—

Ally and Neil's wedding was another dream wedding day and it was an honour for them to chose little old me as their wedding photographer. 

Ally and Neil had the perfect weather, gorgeous sunshine all day which made our wedding picnic on the beach all that more pleasurable. With Ally full on cheese and crackers and Neil full up with Prosecco we headed back to the Rolls Royce, which whisked our happy couple off to Greshams where there friends and family were waiting. 

After a very short speech πŸ™„ and surprise gender reveal the cake was cut and the first dance was danced it was time for me to say goodbye πŸ‘‹Β 

Make up - Pretty Faces Make-up

Hair - KC Plaits and Beautyl

Rolls Royce - BCD Wedding Cars