A Fennes Wedding day with Laura and Stuart

I met Laura and Stu almost a year ago when they got in touch and booked me as their wedding photographer.

Over the last year we have built a good relationship, with our freezing cold winter pre shoot and me whooping Laura’s butt on multiple occasions at Words With Friends. I have even helped Stuart put together a little mini video for his wife to be! So I was excited to shoot these guys weddings as we had become quite close!

Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk -35.JPG

Laura and Stuart chose the stunning Fennes as there wedding venue - with over 400 years of history and surrounded by 100 acres of countryside Fennes is the perfect setting for a traditional wedding it also has some great spots for the most ideallic wedding photo’s.

Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk - 29.JPG
Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk - 31.JPG
Essex-Wedding_photography_Fennes_Braintree-Photographer-Suffolk - 34.JPG

Laura and Stu’s wedding day was awesome from start to finish. Stu’s little video had Laura and her whole bridal party in tears, which in hindsight i perhaps should of not waited till she was completely ready to show her but hey i did get some lovely photo’s….
Thanks to Reign Makeup Artistry for the stunning makeup even after a lot of tears it still looked amazing and hair by Katie Willis. Stunning flowers by Alison White & amazing food supplied by Fennes themselves!