Hello and thanks for stopping by my name is Donna and I am passionate about creating long lasting memories for you and all your family.

I have always had a keen interest in photography, my dad used to visit air shows and museums to photograph all the old airplanes and watching him develop his photos and create amazing albums from them, is I guess what started me off on my photography venture.

From around the age of 8 I had my own camera, nothing fancy - an old film camera. But I loved it and always took it anywhere important. I always remember how excited I would be after the film was finished and it was time to develop it. The anticipation of waiting for it to develop not knowing what you would end up with was for me the best part. Digital photography takes the element of surprise out of it now but I still love it just as much.

Moving forward to my grown up years, I spent a lot of it travelling around Asia and I even settled in India for a few years, enjoying the way of life and of course THE FOOD! But now... I am settled here in Suffolk with my 3 children running my full time photography and videography business.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Suffolk Photography/Videographer filming a wedding

donna@konjo.co.uk (+44) 07964897512