Konjo Photography - Wedding Photography and Family Portrait Photography in Ipswich, Suffolk

Hi my name is a Donna and I am a professional photographer based in Ipswich, Suffolk

Every photographer talks about their love of photography and how they got started, so why would I be any different. My love of photography came from a young age watching my dad take pictures of old airplanes, he used to be so passionate about the aircraft that every image had to be perfect to show the glorious craftsmanship that had gone into every part of the plane. He used to display his artwork in albums and the pride would shine through when he showed his collection off to anyone that was remotely interested.

Every photographer has their favourite subject, there all time favourite thing to shoot and mine is people, I love to be able to capture those memories and to document those amazing days. Its brings me a lot of satisfaction to know that i have managed to capture your happy moments.

A photography session with me is never rushed, I like to take my time to bond with you. I find it enables me to capture more relaxed natural images which is more in keeping with my candid style of photography. Located in the heart of Suffolk, I cover all surrounding areas and sometimes further if required.